Monday, November 05, 2012

what would it take for you to give me $60?

that was the question posed to me today by one of my favorite students.  turns out he wanted to buy something, and it was $60.

sadly, my answer to him was, for someone to give me $60 I didn't need.

part of me was a little weirded out...I mean, I never would have asked anyone in my family, let alone my teacher for money- even $1 would have felt weird...

I guess I should feel good, that my students feel comfortable enough to ask me for something that important to them...but it also makes me feel bad that they have needs that aren't being met...obviously, the money he wanted wasn't for something that was a necessity, but still, feeling that desperate to ask...makes me wish I could do more for them.

but, today I finalized the details for starting up our Art I am excited to start that, and be able to reward the kids who are really talented with extra projects...

I also wish I had taken pictures before I left school today...some really awesome art is coming your way soon!

until's a happy little picture to motivate you on this chilly Monday- oh and dark...daylight savings is throwing me for a loop!

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