Monday, November 19, 2012

pity party of 1

yup.  I'm going to complain today.

and I'm using my free period at school to do it.

so it must be really bad.

between the not feeling great, the mounds of work I have between teaching, grad school and getting my shop holiday-ready.   I just dropped my phone.

smashed the crap out of the screen.

it still works, but it makes a crunching sound every time I touch it.

so I'm a very sad face over here...just when I think I'll be fine with my bills...something like this happens...and I am back to paying for stuff with change...

a full time teaching gig next year is a MUST.

okay, enough complaining...time to call everywhere I can think of to see how much they'll be taking from me to fix my phone.

hope you are all having a better day than that...and no more sad posts, promise.

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