Thursday, November 29, 2012

student art from November

man, it takes FOREVER to get the photos taken and organized from my students work...I feel like I've gotten myself pretty organized in other aspects of my teaching...and last year I hardly took any photos until I realized how important it was to document the work that my students were for now, I just have lots of files on my computer, waiting to be sorted into folders, and uploaded to my ArtSonia site (one of these days)...

but here is some of the awesome things my kiddos did before Thanksgiving break...

Pre-K made hand turkeys :)

Kindergarten made a mixed media turkey with the feathers as handprints

1st Grade made "Save a Turkey" posters- 4th grade did too...I like seeing the difference in the grades :)

2nd and 3rd Grades made Turkeys with patterned feathers

and 5th grade had trouble finishing their I'll get those up when I can :)

 since not all classes met last week, I had some "extra" quick projects...Pre-K and K made fall trees- ask any one of those kids what the fall colors are...and they can tell you :)

and then the older kids made these owl pictures- they LOVED them!  keeping that kind of activity in my back pocket for days when classes come late or schedules get messy with's nice to know I have some things the kids really like to do...

just like the Day of the Dead skulls- another big winner with the are a few of my favorites from that activity

I also had a day when a bunch of classes were late in arriving and being picked up because of meetings happening in the I threw this idea together after searching on Pinterest while I waited for the students to arrive...they made positive word "explosions"...thought these turned out really cool!

now we are into winter stay tuned for that...maybe it will be up by January ;)

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