Thursday, November 22, 2012


it has been a rough 12 months...losing people I loved, working jobs that tested my patience and faith in humanity, not to mention taking courses to get certified all the while...

but in the midst of it all, I have tried to stay positive and today most of all, think of the things that I have or have experienced that I can be thankful for...

my crazy, silly, supportive family

my cousins :)  and our penguin sippy cups...because we are adults

my guy :)  especially since he's been away for work more than he's been home this year

my furry babies...they make me smile every day

even Eddie

my friends.  there are too many people who's pictures should follow this statement...but I'll just put it out there to anyone who has been there for me...I appreciate every cup of coffee, glass of wine, laugh-so-hard-I-cried hangout...I have so many different people in my life who are special for their own friends, gym friends, friends I've had my whole life...friends I just friends...thank you all for being you :)

my job...getting to work with kids every day to bring a little creativity to their school days...listening to the funny things they say, and seeing the joy in their eyes when they finally "get" it...

my customers...I love when my email shows a sale pop up....because I get to share my sparkle with the world :)

I'm sure there are more...but I'm going to go finish this apple pie :)

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