Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 from 30

I honestly mean it when I say, no year of my life has flown by as fast as this one.



and tomorrow.  31.

an un-even number.  ick.

but, we cant stop time, so I guess I just need to suck it up...and make something happy out of this, end of my 30th year, beginning of year 31.  10 years since my 21st...gosh, where does the time go?

seriously, do you know?

anyway...I thought it would be fun to list 30 memories from this year...for you to enjoy, and reminisce with me :)

1.  I had my second surprise party thrown by my awesome friends Bonnie and Brandyce :)

2.  I FINALLY got the hang of skiing!

3. I finished my first year of teaching ART

4.  I enrolled in graduate school!

5. planned a surprise 30th for those lovely ladies who planned mine :)

6.  planned a surprise 60th birthday party for my dad :)  lots of surprises and big birthdays this year!

7.  celebrated my brother's new job!

8.  traveled to North Carolina 3 times

9.  spent Easter in South Carolina for the first time 

10.  said goodbye to the Silver Jetta and inherited the Blue Jetta

11.  went white water rafting for the first knee has still not forgiven me...

12.  went to one of my oldest friend's weddings in May, and college roomie's wedding in October

13.  walked around on the dock in the town where Dawson's Creek was filmed

14.  became OB-sessed with Pinterest

15.  as a direct result...tried out many new recipes

16.  and a handful of DIY-projects- all of which involved glitter...

17.  cleaned out and inventoried my entire closet.

18.  enjoyed my first summer off as a real live teacher :)

19.  attended the first baby shower of a friend from growing we're getting old ;)

20.  spent a few fun days at wineries with great friends

21.  made great teacher friends

22.  got a little caught up in Baltimore sports fever- don't worry're still my #1 ;)

23.  enjoyed a VT win over GT for the first game of the season

24.  I started my second year of teaching ART

25.  I advertised my jewelry business on some awesome blogs.

26.  did my first craft show in an entire calendar year- and did it feel GREAT to be back

27.  made my first 'vlog'- video blog- and cringed at my squeaky voice

28.  survived Hurricane Sandy and learned how to work a wet-dry vac

29.  had my 30th Christmas complete with all the traditions I love

30.  worked on a 365 drawing project and didn't faire so well...this year will be different!

whew.  hope you enjoyed my list :)  I love lists :)

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