Sunday, January 06, 2013

you can find me on the slopes

okay, not usually.  but I am really trying to get better.

on Friday night we went night skiing up at Liberty Mountain...not our usual place to that made me nervous...I am starting to feel comfortable...but going to a brand new mountain was a scary thought.

not to mention the temperature.  frigid is saying it nicely.

I had 6 layers on, two pairs of gloves and a hat and helmet.  and I was frozen.


I made the best of it...and I didn't do too bad at all actually.  but, before long I was inside having a coffee #andmaybeadonut while the more seasoned skiiers/boarders finished up.

this is my, "no really, I'm excited to go skiing" face.

but oh how pretty the snow is :)  this is really the #1 reason why I keep going and trying.  the snow :)

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