Tuesday, January 15, 2013



2013 has been the year of medical issues already.  between being sick for most of this calendar year, this weird little bump surfaced in between my hand and my wrist around Monday of last week.

so fast forward to today, where I figured I needed to get it checked out...according to some of my twitter peeps, one week is the threshold for weird swelling/issues...so I dragged myself to Patient First, to get X-Rays, to find out what the mystery bump was.

needless to say, even though I didn't think it was something really serious, you see a bump/lump...and you (or at least I) inevitably fear the worst.

so the diagnosis?  Ganglion Cyst.  thankfully it is not anything serious, and actually pretty common.

the worst part of it is that it looks weird- more weird to me than to anyone else I am sure...but still...I said "eww" out loud a lot yesterday.

so after I Googled my condition, I started figuring out ways to hide the bump until I see an orthopedic surgeon to talk about having it removed...

I came up with a few ideas...



or my cute arm warmers from The Littlest Bean & Sweet Pepita :)

oh and I got to keep a copy of my X-Rays...not sure what I will do with those :p

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