Monday, January 14, 2013

birthday wrap-up

you might know that I like my birthday.

a lot.

which typically means I like to milk it for as long as possible :)

this year was no exception.  on the actual day, Friday, we went to dinner, at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Little Italy, La Tavola.

I had super yummy freshly made gnocchi- sooooooo amazingly good.  And some delish birthday canolis- okay, so they were just regular canoli...but it was my birthday, so whatever.

on Saturday I had class.  allllllllll day.

but my lovely friends decided they would come out to dinner and to a piano bar on Saturday night with me :)

where I had a bottle of wine, more yummy food, and this lovely salted caramel birthday cake.

so thanks everyone who came out with me! 


Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles | Living the (hockey) Life said...

YOU LIAR YOU DID NOT JUST TURN 31!! I'm pretty sure the both of us will be able to pass for 18 when we're 80! Baby Faces for life!

PS - Your birthday consisted of white wine, gnocchi and canoli aka MY THREE FAVORITES! Are you my twin?

Lauren said...

Kym you are too sweet ;) Yes, no one actually believes it...and I am sure that will work in our favor one day ;)

next time you are back in the US we'll have to have a wine, gnocchi and canoli date...

twins!! xo L