Thursday, January 03, 2013

words of wisdom for you on Thursday.

part of the problem that I have, is that my students like to act like they are- to use a phrase that they throw around a lot... "GROWN."  I'm assuming from the context that it means, they are acting like a grown-up, and not a child...however, I don't know many grown-ups that throw fits, and argue about colored pencils...

but I digress.

I guess the reason I call this a problem, is because I forget that they are kids sometimes...because they like to act like they are much much older.  or at least what they think older means in their definition.

so I found this on Pinterest today...and it really hit home...

I wish I could explain this to the kids in a way that made them understand...trying to figure out a way to really reach my monster class of almost 40- 4th graders.  because for some reason...they all seem to be in a REALLY bad mood when they get to my room...and I mean...first of all, how bad could it be?  being 10.  getting to go to school and art class?  I know it's not the same experience I had...but still...what happened to being nice?  do unto others? 

but now I'm going to go enjoy the last 20 minutes of quiet time I get...of the only 40 quiet minutes of my Thursday.  and when I get home.  I'm taking a big old nap.  or having a drink.  haven't decided yet.

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