Monday, January 28, 2013

things my students say...

"Ms Brownlie, you're white, right?"

oooooohhhhh boyyyyy.

not really sure when I get a question like that, where the conversation is going to go.

that conversation turned into one of if it's okay to date someone who is black, if you are white...oh man.  these kids live in such a different world then I grew up in...and the fact that they have to ask these questions makes me feel for them...but of course, I told her that 10 was too young to date anyway...but when she was old enough, that it didn't matter if you were black, white, blue or polka dotted...hopefully that was the right answer...

I also got told by a 1st grader today that I looked like a hippopotamus...which I was offended by, until the clarified that it was because my coat was gray, like a hippopotamus.  either way, I'm running an extra mile tomorrow at the gym...

aside from the sometimes awkward conversations...we had a 2 hour delay for "snow" this most of my classes were on the small side again...and because of that I didn't want to start our new projects with so many kids out.

so what did we do you ask?

well my 2nd graders made this awesome banner for the Ravens!  because if you ask them what is happening this weekend, it's not the Super Bowl...its just the Raven's game :)

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