Friday, August 17, 2012


the adorable Brie is hosting a fun link-up on her blog...always.  sometimes.  never.

so I had to join in :)

I'll call this my Summer edition...

always:  need to get to the beach at least once a's not as easy now that I'm not just an hour away like I was growing up and had a best friend with a beach house to go to :p  but I've managed to go twice this year so far!

sometimes:  get things checked off my to-do always seems at the beginning of summer vacation that there is SO much time to get things done...except that I end up planning a lunch here, a coffee date there, a road trip that overlaps Friday and Monday...and wouldn't ya's August!  I did get a few of my organizational projects started...maybe I'll finish them next summer...

never:  forget sunscreen!  I am a sunscreen Nazi- I will even ask strangers if they need it can never be too careful when it comes to your skin!!

want to make your own list?  link up here!

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