Thursday, August 23, 2012

can bats talk?

so that's a pretty random name for a post right?


well it was inspired by my day today :)  since some school district that shall not be named...ahem...has yet to make a decision and wants the students to sit and wait for an art teacher...sigh...I decided to do something nice for myself and drove myself up to NJ to see the family :)

that has done wonders to fix my mood...and it's just nice to have a change of scenery...and when it's the familiar rooms and people that I love so much :)  it's good scenery

so what about the bats?

a typical activity when I go home is getting mah hair did...yeah, I know...I can't pull that we went over to my cousin Melissa's house, and she gave me the highlight/cut my hair definitely needed...I was feeling a little it's nice and light- perfect for summer :)

while I was sitting waiting for the color to process, we started talking about weird things kids say, or odd questions they ask...and she tells me that Peyton, her 6 year old daughter asked a doozy of a question the other day

apparently they saw a bat, which led her to ask:  "are bats real?"  with the follow up question of "can they talk?"

you've got to love the mind of a creative kid :)

oh, and here's my new hair do :)

and a super cool picture that they had up in their house- I guess it's our family crest?  is that what you call it?

** I was totally going to say happy weekend...but I realized it's Thursday...oops!

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