Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crazy, Stupid, Love

I am totally late to the party on this one...but I finally saw this movie!  and I loved it!!

I am always a fan of Steve Carell, and in this case, he did not disappoint!  honestly, this movie had an awesome cast- Emma Stone, another favorite of mine was adorable in this, Julianne Moore...and we can't leave that elephant in the room...Ryan Gosling...yum :)

 all images from the Google

and...for once, I was TOTALLY surprised by the ending.  that is unusual...if you have ever seen my parents watch a tv show or movie, they have it figured out before the opening credits roll :)  I won't spoil it, in case there are others of you who are under the movie rock like I am...but go watch it...you will like it :)  I promise.

and if you don't.  well then I guess we don't have the same taste in movies :p  oh well!

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