Tuesday, August 28, 2012

very funny Universe.

today was quite a day.

it was my first day of my second year of teaching...I am so glad I got to go back :)  like overjoyed...what teacher ever said that they were glad to go back after the summer?

weirdo.  :)

but after all the weeks...well months really, of not knowing...it was such a relief to be back at school, setting up my room for the second time.

so the day started out great...in my classroom...with more work to do then there is possibly time before I have classes come in...but I'll get there...little by little...right now B's car is packed to the brim with my classroom stuff...yes the same stuff I carried all the way into the basement yesterday...

not my car mind you...because when I was driving home today, my car began smoking...yup, right out of the hood of the car, nice white puffy clouds of smoke...and the engine temperature gauge as high up as it goes...so a big thank you to my awesome neighbor for picking me up a few blocks away :)

not sure what the actual diagnosis is...thankfully I have another car to drive tomorrow...even if it's a bit too big for me :p

so one good thing balanced out with a not so good thing...okay, I do like when things are nice and even...typically...

then I got home, and the tv wouldn't work...and not that I need to watch tv...but it would be nice to know why it wasn't working...so after the suggestion of my Mom that I check the fuses (which wer being a GIANT wall of spider webs)...and found out nothing was wrong...I did a little "Mac-Gyvering" and found every extension cord that we own to rig the tv and the TiVo (which is in the basement) to outlets that they weren't originally plugged into...and wouldn't ya know.  they worked!!

feeling a little proud of myself...but seriously...that is just too much for one day.  also, I feel bad that no one was around today to witness my crazy...it was probably very humorous from an outside perspective ;)  just imagine me driving down the road with a smoking car...and a face full of spider web...you can't think about that without laughing...admit it ;)

tomorrow needs to be a little bit calmer, okay Universe?

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