Sunday, August 26, 2012

oh Summer.

I can't believe that summer is...O.V.E.R.

it went by literally in the blink of an eye...and my summer 'to-do' list is still pretty long...but never the was a great summer...full of friends, fun, travel, I thought I'd make a fun little list...the ABC's of my summer 8-)

A is for awesome...I know, that's sort of a stretch...but having a summer off from work...awesome is really the only word there is for it...well it's actually freakin' awesome...but I needed an "A"

B is for babysitting...spent lots of time with a bundle of curls and his friend "Nase"...and Deet...and of course the many times we watched Simba...and sang and danced to the same song...oh E...quite the summer time companion :D

C is for camping...our annual trip where I almost broke my leg...but experienced white water rafting for the first time (hint...those two things are related...)

D is for DIY...while I had a LOOOONG list of things I wanted to try...I didn't get to nearly all of them...but I did try my hand at spray painted votive candles, wooden beaded necklaces, and glitter keys

E is for eggs...I perfected a few awesome breakfast options that were all easy to make, healthy and had eggs in them...probably the food I ate most this summer

F is for friends :)  lots of visits to and from friends this summer...lunches, coffee dates, road trips...definitely spent much of my time laughing and making summer memories :)

G is for gloves...softball gloves...yup, I got back in the game, literally...I played on a co-ed team my friend Noah coached...and it reminded me so much of why I loved playing all those years ago!  I even got the game ball for being MVP of our last game :)  I spy a new summer tradition!

H is for was toasty this summer...and after a winter with no snow...I was not super happy about the temperatures...we had days that were well over 100 even before the mysterious heat index...ugh

I is for iced coffee...had at least one, every day...

J is for judo...a really weird sport I watched during the Olympics...I still really don't get how it worked...but I did watch lots of swimming, volleyball, diving, and cycling...I usually get more into the winter Olympics- I like watching people ski, since I'm still not so good at it...but the summer ones were pretty cool- watched our hometown boy Michael Phelps swim like a fish and win tons o medals

K is for pets are super excited that it's summer and that I spend a lot more time at home with them...they typically figure out where I am working for the day and sleep as close to me and my papers/notebook/laptop as possible

L is for in labrador retriever...and Bonnie and Andy's new puppy Dunkin!  he is as mischievous as he is fun...and he's going to be a bigggggggg boy!

M is for manicures..I have become addicted to painting my nails...and my nail polish collection has grown by leaps and bounds...and especially since in the summer I don't have as many teacher duties, the polish lasts a LOT longer :)

N is for North Carolina...where I went twice!  a state I'd never actually been to- driven through, but never been to- in my life, and this summer I was there twice- and I'll be again in October :)

O is for organization...the office, my closet...just two of the rooms I got organized this summer...even though I was hoping to get the whole house organized...oh well...but you have to start somewhere, and this is a good start..

P is for Pinterest...ob. sessed.  I actually have to limit the times I log in to three times a of now I have over 800 pins...and counting...if you have not checked it out yet...what are you waiting for?!?!?!?

Q is for quiet...I have to say, the nice quiet afternoons I've spent doing work at home...were glorious...I never realized how much I appreciate quiet times until I started teaching ;)

R is for ones that is...since I had more free time then during the school year...I tried many many new recipes!  most of them turned out well and have made their way into our meal rotation...see also *Pinterest obsession*

S is for Surprise Parties...two to be exact!  that I planned...whew!  planning two parties, two weeks in a row is no easy task...but both went off without a hitch :)  of course I had help...but I am quite ready to hang up my party planning shoes for a bit...I will gladly be a guest though :) 

T is for tan...or at least trying to get one...lots of time lounging by the pool at home and at the gym...but always with lots of sunscreen on :)  safety first!

U is for umbrella...along with being really rained a TON this summer!  which is okay for me...I actually really like rain...and when I have lots to do inside, because then I don't feel like I'm missing out on quality outdoors seemed like every day this summer they put rain in the like a 40% chance...sometimes I think they do that just so they technically aren't "wrong"

V is for veggies...I ate TONS of vegetables this summer...made some pretty amazing salads, learned how to steam and roast them to be super delish!  the last new veggie on my list to try: spaghetti squash!

W is for wine :)  winery tours, parties at wineries...and of course, just having a glass (or two...) with friends

X is for X-rays...which I thankfully didn't need after the white water rafting debacle...yup, couldn't think of anything better for X...

Y is for yogurt...frozen yogurt...there are about 49798739465 frozen yogurt stores in Baltimore...okay, maybe not *quite* that many...but it certainly feels like it...but it also feels like that is the number of trips I made to these stores...I just love pouring the yogurt in...just as much as I want...and then picking out the toppings...I even had it in place of dinner last week...oops!

Z is for zzzzzzz's....or lack there of...I still got up pretty early each day...of course it's hard to sleep when someone else is up getting ready for work around you in a small house...and honestly, I did not take one nap all summer...something I will remedy next year ;)

now bring on fall!  football, cooler weather, pumpkin EVERYTHING...yesssss!

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