Tuesday, August 14, 2012

recipe box - stuffed peppers

another new recipe success!  I have to say, that since I've made the decision to once and for all get healthy, eat healthy, and exercise...eating has turned into more of a chore then something I enjoy- which has never been true for me!  I LOVE eating...I LOVE food...hence the need to eat healthy...

I honestly could eat pizza every day...lots of carbs and cheese...and caffeine make me a happy girl :)  my three C's I guess you could say :)  but then I'd also need a forklift to get me off the couch and out of my house...so I am adopting the ever popular mantra of "everything in moderation"...I know that is not a new theory, but I know more then ever that if you tell me I can't eat something, that it is going to make me want to eat it more then ever...I am not a cold turkey dieter...I need to eat a little of the bad stuff with a lot of the good stuff...

and isn't it nice when the good stuff tastes awesome?

enter stuffed peppers...a recipe that my bestie Bonnie sent to me...and it was what we ate for dinner tonight :)

here are the ingredients that i used:

4 red bell peppers sliced in half, with the centers cleaned out
about a pound of ground beef or ground turkey
1 yellow onion, chopped
garlic- I used the stuff that comes in a jar, since that was what I had in the house- about 2 tablespoons
salt & pepper (to taste)
tomato sauce- I didn't measure, but maybe 1 cup, plus some to add on top
shredded Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese

* as you can see...I didn't really measure anything...so feel free to alter how you see fit :) *

in a skillet, heat up a little olive oil and heat the onions and garlic for a few minutes

add in the ground beef/turkey and cook until browned- salt and pepper to taste

cut the peppers in half, and spread out on a baking sheet
(I always line with foil- makes for an easy (read: lazy) clean up!)

mix the tomato sauce and cheese into the mixture in the skillet

spoon the mixture into the peppers

bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes
add cheese to the top of each pepper and bake for 2 additional minutes

then EAT and ENJOY!

I made a nice simple salad of cucumbers and red onion to go with it :)

and besides adding the cheese on top (depending on the kind of cheese), the whole meal is gluten free! 

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