Thursday, August 16, 2012

throwback thursday - 1st sale

my parents are cleaning out 25 years of papers and belongings from our family home in preparation to move away and sell (insert lots of tears here) but seeing how happy they are in South Carolina makes me feel a little better and the transition will hopefully be a little less painful when that day comes...

I know you're reading Mom :) see...I'll be okay when you guys move...eventually ;)

but anyway, in all of their cleaning, and telling me just how much work it's been...I was inspired to start cleaning out my own file cabinet...I had 7 years worth of paperwork in some of it was about time to let go of credit card statements from cards I didn't even have any more...

it was pretty boring and time consuming...but my files are 6 trash bags lighter...and I found this!

it is the receipt from my first EVER sale of JerseyGirlDesign!  $10 for a necklace with wooden beads on a silver chain...I think I actually hugged the girl because I was so excited that someone wanted to buy something that I had made...and I never looked back :)

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