Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social - All About the Internet!

these questions come from Neely, on her blog, A Complete Waste of Makeup :)

All About the Internet!

1.  What is the first website you log onto each day?
I leave Gmail open all the by default that is the first...but besides that it's probably

2.  Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about:
They aren't super original, but these are a few that make me giggle :)

3.  Pinterest or Facebook?  Why?
oh, definitely Pinterest...I use both...but Facebook has the tendency to make me go "uhhhhhhhhhhh too much over-sharing!!"  I used to like to see what people were up to...but now it just feels like I'm sort of stalking people I wouldn't naturally know things about...

but Pinterest...oh, that is one of my biggest time wasters these days :)  the recipes, the DIY projects, the decorating ideas and the lesson plans!  now if only there were time to do all the things...

4.  Twitter or Instagram?  Why?
again, I use both of these...I really like Instagram, but I tend to forget to check it...while Twitter is always open via TweetDeck on my computer screen, so I just scroll through it every once and a while...I think I post more to Twitter...but now I'm linking the two

5.  Favorite youtube it!

wow, this was tougher than I pick a favorite..but I've always liked this one...if you have a cat like mine...this is how every morning goes :)

6.  Biggest online pet peeve?
again, I guess it goes back to Facebook...just too much information being shared and oh, don't get me started when there are big political debates on's just weird, having an argument for everyone to see?  I like to keep that stuff to myself :p

oh, also...when I click on a Pin, and it doesn't go back to the actual source...if you're going to pin something...take the time to make sure it works!

:)  okay, enough ranting...but that was fun!

Happy Sunday peeps!

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Brooke said...

I'll agree that Facebook is an interesting forum. And the source issue on Pinterest is super annoying! Happy Sunday :)

Brooke, The Dessert First Way