Sunday, July 22, 2012

10 days of ME :) : 10 Secrets

somewhere in the magic of the Interwebs I came across this 10 day challenge...all about you...or in this case me :)  I thought it might jump start my creative writing here 1 of 10...10 secrets about me :)

10.  it's not really a 'secret'...but there are a few occasions where I have opened, and eaten an entire jar of pickles in one sitting

9. I love organizing...but I spend so much time planning the organization, I usually run out of time to actually do the organizing.

8.  I call my family at least every other day...sometimes every day...sometimes more then once a day...I just love them so much, and because we don't live in the same state, I need as many phone calls as possible so I don't have to miss them so much :)

7.  Not that I should, by any means...but I can eat a whole pizza...when I was younger, and playing multiple sports, I had an enormous appetite...and now, 12 years out of High School, I still have the appetite...but not the metabolism for it...teaching myself how to eat less has been much tougher then I thought!

6.  My secret dream is to write and illustrate books for children...I'd love to be able to write and draw every day :D

5.  I love playing games...but I will admit...if I've played Words With Friends with you...I probably did a search online with my letters to see what my longest word options are...for shame :p

4.  My family is obsessed with the Peanuts...Charlie Brown and all his friends...we watch all the holiday specials every year, even though we've seen them every year...when I had a sick day in school, and even now as an adult...Charlie Brown Christmas is the first on my movie list to watch while I am sick :)

3.  Even though I live in Maryland, I am not really a fan of seafood...I didn't learn how to eat crabs until I was 24...and now I limit my seafood intake to crabs (and crabcakes) and shrimp...and even then not that often...

2.  I really like going to bed early- like 10ish- even on Friday...and getting up early...never was really a night owl...somehow I made it through college, but I'm back to my usual "hours" now that I live in the "real world"

1.  Going to Virginia Teach is one of the best decisions I ever made...the experience of going to a big school with such an enthusiastic population of games that could convert anyone into a sports fan...and a group of friends I couldn't imagine my life without...including meeting a special someone ;)...the night before we got in the car to drive down for my freshman year, I had a total and complete meltdown...honestly I don't really remember why, mostly I think the shock of living 8 hours away from my family and with strangers probably finally hit me...but my wonderful parents knew just how to handle my freak out, and the next morning we were off...

so thanks again Mom & Dad :)

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