Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 days of ME :) : 4 books

day 7 of 10...of all about me...4 books

gosh...this is going to make me realize how few books I have read lately...but honestly, my favorite books have always been children's maybe a few of them might make it in there ;)

4.  Shel Silverstien's books of poems were some of my favorites as a kid...and I still love them now...they are so kooky...and I don't think I really understood just how odd they were until I was older...but nonetheless, I still have them all, Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, Falling Up, and can't wait to read the new one Everything On It :)

I love that he not only wrote these crazy, rhyming tales...but created illustrations to bring those words to life :)

3. Where the Wild Things Maurice Sendak...another favorite, another classic...what kid wouldn't want to travel to a magical world where they could be king of all the animals!?

2. The Cat Who Wore a Pot on Her Head...I honestly don't remember much about this book, but it is a vivid memory I have from growing Mom definitely borrowed it from the library more than once for me...I think I'll have to try and track it down so I can read it again :)

1.  Dr's no secret that it's my absolute favorite, first inspiration, and go-to set of stories...I'd love to have the whole collection one day...the colorful pictures and words just warm my heart :)  I can't even think of choosing a favorite...but one that I always loved, was the story of the Sneetches...I love that there is always a life lesson hiding cleverly inside each happy story

guess, in case this list or anything else hasn't clued you in, that I am definitely a kid at, was and always will be :)

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