Monday, July 23, 2012

10 days of ME :) : 9 loves

day 2 of 10...of all about me...9 things I love :)

I could go with the typical family and friends...but they all know how much I love this list is 9 things, besides those people who are so important to me ;)  (just in case they were worried they didn't make the cut!)

9.  New York City...the City where I always thought I'd live...the lights...the people...the food...LOVE.

8.  Dr favorite drink hands down...

7.  black cats...we have three cats in our house..two are all black and one has cute white feet...they are our furry loves!

6.  the beach...if I'm going to be hot and sticky, I want to be at the beach...that is one place where the heat doesn't seem to bother me...I'd rather be cold on most days...but at the beach, it's all good

5. long as I'm at home, I LOVE listening to the crash of the thunder and seeing the bolts of lightening...recently we've had a few really bad storms tear through Maryland but thankfully we haven't lost power!

4.  fine point markers...I love drawing and sketching with really fine point markers...I have a set of BIC 36 colors...that I carry with me every where

3.  glitter...this should be self explanatory if you've ever seen any of my work...I love the sparkle of glitter...and I know, I gets everywhere, it never goes away...but it just makes me so happy :)

2.  snow...if it is snowing, and I can't sit somewhere and watch it fall...I'm not a happy camper...when it's winter, I want to see the ground covered in beautiful, white, fluffy goodness!  So you can imagine how much I loved the year of the many blizzards...I don't think I left my house for two weeks!

1.  CHRISTMAS!  it could be winter and the Christmas season 12 months a year and I'd be okay with that...not necessarily the day of Christmas, but just the feeling that goes with that time of year, gathering with family and friends, the decorations, the great food and drinks, the spirit of giving...

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