Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 days of ME :) : 3 films

day 8 of 10...of all about me...3 films

3.  Dirty's one of those movies I'll watch every single time it's on TV...even though I own the DVD...I even visited the place where the movie was shot in Virginia- it's only a short drive from Virginia's a movie I saw at a friend's birthday party when I was younger, and I guess it just reminds me of that, I am a terrible dancer...and I think I always wanted to pretend that I could be like that...dancing around in front of all those people...ha, and maybe that someone could pick me up over their head effortlessly ;)

2.  Anchor Man...I love Will Ferrell...he just makes me laugh...goofy, ridiculous, laughter...this movie just has so many quotable lines...and B and I love to watch it over and over...he even dressed up as Ron Burgandy co-host, Brian Fantana (his celebrity doppelganger - Paul Rudd) for Halloween!  have to admit...he looked pretty funny with a mustache and 70's sideburns ;)


1.  It's a Wonderful Life...I have written about this movie is our Christmas Eve tradition, and one of my very favorite movies...I know it's old, and very long...but I just love Jimmy Stewart, and his selfless ways...and the way their friends and family rallied around them in their time of need...the way it should be...people who do good things should have good things happen to them!

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