Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recipe Box- Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken

The summer of new recipes continues!  I will admit, I used to be pretty terrified of using my crock pot/slow cooker...the idea of leaving something "on" in my house all day while I was gone instilled enough fear in me to hardly ever use it besides on the weekends.  But my friends all assured me that crock pots were in fact designed for just such a use, and I had to give in a little...I mean...people wouldn't keep buying them if they burned houses down on the regular, right?

so anyway...this recipe is amazing!  I love chinese/japanese/thai food...anything with and Asian flair and I'll probably eat it :)  so this seemed like a great alternative (cheaper, healthier, etc) to getting take out...and it was a winner! We made some rice, and I sliced up some seedless cucumber to put with it...a perfect summer dinner!

I found the recipe via Pinterest, but you can get the original post here from the blog, Table for Two.

(I borrowed her photo, because I ate the dish too quickly!)

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