Friday, July 27, 2012

10 days of ME :) : 5 foods

day 6 of 10...of all about me...5 foods

5.  PIZZA!  hands down, the food I could eat all day everyday...there is a favorite, as I'm sure, if you've read other posts on my blog...the pizza from my hometown, Alfonsos, is by far my absolute favorite...I've found several substitutes that are okay...but nothing is quite as good...and I'm sure nothing ever will be ;)

4.  pickles...what do I even say about this...I usually have to restrain myself from eating an entire jar at a time...I'd love to learn how to make my own...I'd save a lot of money :)

3.  lasagna...our family Christmas Eve dinner tradition...and something that I take great pride in making...whether it's the traditional kind...or with a chicken spinach alfredo spin...or even zucchini lasagna with no noodles...I'll take it!

2.  appetizers...I know that is kind of vague...but I could survive solely on appetizers...finger foods, the kinds of snacky foods we'd make for New Years Eve, Superbowl Sunday and any BBQ growing up...veggies and dip, shrimp cocktail, bruschetta, deviled eggs, chili dip, buffalo chicken dip, mozzarella sticks...just to name a few :)

1.  dessert...can I just say dessert as a food?  I have a definite sweet dessert of some kind is definitely a part of my every might look like chocolate, or ice cream...but I always like to have a little something sweet at the end of my tell my stomach it's done ;)  usually it works...usually.

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Thats good, your blog is cool, i like it. Thanks for the efforts my friend.