Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Wednesday - spray painted votives

I love candles...and when I saw this tutorial on how to create striped pillar candles, I had to try it for myself...and when I was home in NJ with the family I had the most room to attempt this project...

I added my own little spin on it...instead of the frosted glass spray paint- which I do want to try next- I used a glitter spray paint!  yup, they make glitter spray paint! 

the tutorial from Polish the Stars is here...but here are a few of my notes :)

make sure you work outside, and I put the candles in a cardboard box so the spray paint didn't get everywhere...I got it all over my hands, but I think wearing gloves, or using something else to prop up the candles would eliminate that...and I had a hard time spraying too thick of a coat in some spots, and not enough on others..I'm not so skilled with the spray paint can...but I think I'd get better with practice.

here are some photos of the steps and the results:

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