Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 days of ME :) : 6 places

day 5 of 10...of all about me...6 places

6.  New Jersey...for obvious reasons...where I grew up, where I will always be from...where most of my family lives...where I always hoped to go back someday...

5.  Blacksburg, home away from home...the best four years of my life for will always be my happy place :)

4.  New York, offense to other cities...but this one is best ;)

3.  Baltimore, MD...where I have lived for 8 years...who would have guessed that?!  it has totally grown on me...between the friends I have made, and the feel of city living on a smaller scale...and living a 5 minute walk from Camden Yards isn't bad either!

2.  Warren, VT...the family ski cabin...where we have spent many winter weekends and a few in the is a place of just pure joy and happiness for nights, family dinners...I could live there!

1.  Hilton Head, SC...our family vacation spot for most of my childhood and my parents retirement might be a little out of the way...but seeing how happy my Mom and Dad are living there...and that makes it even more special to me :)

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