Thursday, July 26, 2012

throwback tv...Dawson's Creek!

holy moly!  I forgot how much I loved Dawson's cheesy as it might have been...I just fell right back in love with it watching it for the second time through...I don't think I've seen an episode since it went off the air in 2002...but watching it again was like visiting old thank you Netflix for offering the entire series on your watch instantly selections!

I was surprised, because the theme song that was such an important part of the show, "I don't wanna wait" by Paula Cole, was replaced by another song, "Run Like Mad" by Jann definitely was a little odd at first...and then when I came to the final episode, the series finale, the original song was playing...

I forgot just how much drama was involved with the characters...and how many times Joey would drift between Dawson and Pacey...and how much I wished real guys were like them :p

I think one of my most favorite moments in the show was when Pacey bought Joey the wall to paint...and that he wrote "ask me to stay" on it...ahh the grand romantic gestures of the Creek...

when we were in Wilmington for our friends wedding a few weeks ago, I was able to roam around a little to look for some of the landmarks from the show, since it was filmed there...but I didn't have as much time as I would have liked...I did find this dock, which is featured in many episodes, and I did find Joey's wall...even though it was behind some structures's still there! 

there were a lot of actors who had parts on DC before they were big stars Season 6, Eddie the bartender who works at Hell's Kitchen with Joey is played by Oliver Hudson and Natasha the actress on the movie Dawson is working on is played by Bianca Kajlich...who later are one of my favorite funny couples on Rules of weird how that worked out!!

 like reminiscing with old was fun to go back and re-watch...and to see how the cast really grew up on the show :)

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