Wednesday, July 11, 2012

hair dilemmas

so.  this year I turned 30.  6 months ago exactly.  and the thing that is now on my mind more then before is my hair.  weird right?  well my friends the gray hair are fueling this obsession...well, I wouldn't call them friends...they are shiny, with a strange texture, they stick out of my hair no matter where I part it, and I. Don't. Like it!

back in college I did the obligatory, dye your hair blonde thing...even did it myself a few times...and while I don't think it looked terrible...I got TONS of compliments going back to my natural darker color.


 and after

so the next big question is...what do I do to fix the gray hair conundrum?  dying lots of light highlights means lots of upkeep (read: lots of $$) and I don't know that I have the energy (or funds) for that...I found this photo on Pinterest, and I really like the colors...I think her base color is similar to I think I could pull this off, and it would be easier then light highlights.


I also really like the ombre style, darker roots with lighter ends, which has a kind of natural feel to it...but it might not fix my gray hair problem...not that the highlights would do that I might be at an impass...but what do you think...which one would be easier to maintain?

wouldn't ya know...even though this is a semi-new trend...back in 2001 good old Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek rocked the ombre style!

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