Thursday, July 12, 2012

Once a Hokie, Always a Hokie

through the magic of the internet, twitter, etc...I came across a blog run by a fellow Virginia Tech grad, called Young, Married, Chic...I instantly bookmarked it, because if you are a Hokie you know, we all seem to have this special connection and unspoken friendship with other I knew I would want to browse through all the recipes for healthy eating, great ideas for hostess gifts, and then I found it...a cookbook, with recipes and stories from Blacksburg, called A Taste of Virginia I pre-ordered it...and sometime in August I'll get it and I am SO excited to read it and try and re-create some favorites!

one of the things that I always loved about school, was definitely the food...there were so many great restaurants, not to mention the amazing dining halls...oh West End, my meal plan dollars were always well spent there!  

you can go order your very own copy here!  you know you want to :D

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